Venice without tourists How to get the perfect picture at the most beautiful sights of Venice

Venice without tourists? How to get the perfect picture at the 5 most beautiful sights of Venice!

The perfect photo from Venice! How to avoid the tourist crowds at the most beautiful sights.

Before we start with the 5 most beautiful photo locations and sights in Venice, here are a few tips on how to avoid the tourist rush. Have a look at my little Venice travel guide with the most important information and tips about Venice to be perfectly prepared for your trip. The best times for a shoot are very early in the morning, as soon as the sun rises and in the evening at the so-called Golden Hour.

X The Golden Hour starts one hour before sunset. It will provide you with a great background and make your picture extra beautifully soft. Many photographers use this short time period for their pictures. In Venice you should visit the sights for the Golden Hour & Target photo locations around St. Mark’s Square.

X If you have the opportunity to travel to Venice at any time, choose the low season. Venice, like many popular cities, is constantly crowded with tourists. During the week you can avoid the crowds and have the sights to yourself. The low season from October to April should be your preferred travel time. This is the time of year when Venice is at its cheapest, so don’t miss out on more money-saving tips on Venice.

X A good plan is key. If you absolutely want a photo at a certain location in Venice and without tourists, then good planning is important. Beforehand you should find out when most visitors visit a sight or location, Google gives this for many sights on the search results page.

Here is my plan for a day in Venice with all the sights and photo locations we visited:

Sunrise in Venice ( a must see! 🙂 ); until approx. 7.30 o’clock the 1. Photo location and sightseeing: the Rialto Bridge – followed by breakfast at the hotel – 8.3 p.m. to 10 a.m. St. Mark’s Basilica, waterfront, Doge’s Palace- walk through the city and have lunch right on the waterfront, what you should definitely look out for at lunch, you’ll learn from these money saving tips for Venice- museum visit Museo Correr Venice to 3 p.m. – Acqua Alta Bookshop to approx. 17.30 o’clock – In the evening gondola ride

The most beautiful Instagrammable photo locations and sightseeing spots

St. Mark’s Square with Doge’s Palace and St. Mark’s Basilica

Saving tips Venice - How to travel cheap in the most romantic city of Italy

St. Mark’s Square offers three beautiful shooting locations at once, St. Mark’s Basilica, Doge’s Palace and the most beautiful promenade in Venice, the
Ferry landing – Traghetto Gondole Molo. These three locations at the main sights of Venice are not unknown. At the same time with us were also 3 bridal couples here and used the beautiful sights and the location for a photo shoot.

Best shooting time: Early in the morning from 7 am

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Rialto Bridge – landmark and pivot of Venice

Venice without tourists? Here's how to get the perfect picture at the 5 most beautiful sights in Venice!

The Rialto Bridge is for me the center of Venice, here is the main traffic point for tourists. It is used to get from one Venice sight to the other and is always well attended. If you want to take a photo at this location, walk directly up the edge of the bridge in the middle between the columns the bridge is used for its real purpose to cross the Grand Canal.

Best Shooting timeVisit the sights as early as possible, preferably right at sunrise, before the day-trippers from the mainland arrive on the boats.

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Footbridge at Hotel San Moise – The most popular photo location among bloggers

The 5 most beautiful sights & Photo locations in Venice & How to avoid the tourist crowds in Venice

This photo location is a little Venice insider tip, because if you search for pictures of Venice on Pinterest, this background appears with some bloggers. The location is at the Hotel San Moise and actually consists of two pontoons, which is used by the gondoliers as a landing stage for their gondolas. At this “sight” you are undisturbed also times 2 hours, until the others discover you from the bridge and also want to shoot a few photos at this location. We used this spot to eat an Italian pizza, take photos and relax.

Best shooting timeActually always, only at noon from 12 to 14 o’clock the gondoliers put down here their gondolas and make lunch break.

Libreria Acqua Alta – a library with wow factor

The 5 most beautiful sights & photo locations in Venice & How to avoid the tourist crowds in Venice

Libreria Acqua Alta – A small but nice library in Venice, which has reached real cult status. The library has a lot to amaze, because while outside old books are artfully stacked to a staircase and used as a photo location, inside there is a gondola in which the books are provided. This library has itself become a small sight of Venice and many tourists plan this location in their vacation with. It is definitely worth a visit!

Best Shooting Time: We were there in the afternoon and people were lining up to take a photo at the location. I guess in the morning and evening it is quieter at this sight.

“The most beautiful corners, are the ones you discover yourself”

Venice without tourists? How to get the perfect picture at the 5 most beautiful sights of Venice!

Rio Tera’ dei Nomboli, 2706, 30125 Venezia VE, Italy

My favorite photo location in Venice was a chance discovery. I immediately noticed the reflection of the buildings in the water when I walked by and the peaceful atmosphere in this place. The location is a bit secluded, away from the tourist crowds, which is not very common in Venice. It immediately enchanted me, so here I share the location with you and maybe this place will become a sight for your trip to Venice.

Best Shooting Time: In the morning and in the evening the buildings cast shadows on you, that looks better on pictures than with the hard midday sun.

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Lookouts and day trips in Venice

Besides these mentioned sights and photo locations in Venice, there are still a few viewpoints that I would like to recommend to you.

  • Fondaco die Tedeschi – free of charge, but order an online ticket in advance
  • Scala Contarini del Bovolo
  • Campanile San Marco

If you’re planning a day trip, be sure to check out the following places and attractions.

The 5 most beautiful sights & photo locations in Venice & How to avoid the tourist crowds in Venice

Burano– the city of colorful houses

Murano- Glassblowing art worth seeing

If you want more information about possible day trips and the local sights, let me know and I’ll put out a separate post on it ?

A map with my favorite sights and photo locations Venice

Venice the 5 most beautiful sights and locations on a map

P.S Don’t forget to enjoy your time in Venice! These tips are just to enable you to take nice souvenir photos and pictures of the sights without photobombs in the background.

Which sight in Venice would you most like to visit? Do you have any other tips to avoid tourists on your vacation pictures?

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