Blue lagoon – how your trip will be fantastic despite the swarm of tourists

Blue Lagoon – how your trip will be fantastic despite the swarm of tourists

Blue Lagoon – crystal clear water like in the Maldives, a small bay with rocky cliffs surrounding the lagoon on the small island Comino. The Blue Lagoon is a wonderful place, which you can see even from the airplane. You can find the Blue Lagoon on the small island of Comino. Comino is located in the Mediterranean Sea and belongs to the archipelago of Malta. Only 3 people live on this island and there is also only one hotel on the island. Nevertheless, Comino attracts thousands of tourists every year. This is mainly because of the gorgeous Blue Lagoon. The Blue Lagoon is very crowded due to tourism, but your trip to Comino can still become something special! Now I’ll tell you which excursion we booked to the Blue Lagoon, what to expect on the catamaran and where is the best spot for snorkeling.

Which excursion we have booked to the Blue Lagoon?!

We booked a trip from Malta to the Blue Lagoon with this provider. This offer included a 4 hour stay at the Blue Lagoon, plus an hour of snorkeling and swimming at the Crystal Lagoon. In addition, you could book a short trip to Gozo, but this took place during the period of your stay on Comino. This brings us to the first two tips I have for you:

1. Is snorkeling particularly important to you on your trip to the Blue Lagoon? Then make sure your catamaran goes to the Crystal Lagoon! It is a little less known than the Blue Lagoon and here you can observe marine life undisturbed. If you prefer to jump from a 3m high slide into the water or from a diving board into the water, you can also do that with this provider here.

Crystal lagoon - excursion to the blue lagoon Malta

Crystal lagoon – perfect for snorkeling

2. The short trip to Gozo is usually not worth it. The trip can be booked when booking a trip to the Blue Lagoon. In doing so, you leave only one hour after one has arrived at the Blue Lagoon again and go with the ship to Gozo. This excursion is a short trip to the most famous sights of Gozo, you only lose time at the Blue Lagoon. Better to plan another day and explore the island on your own. A ferry ticket from Malta to Gozo costs only 4,65€(round trip) and on the island of Gozo there is much more to discover, such as the salt pans and the Wield Ghasri. ( You can read more about this in the article about Malta’s highlights)

3. As already mentioned, the small island of Comino can be a bit overwhelming due to the rush of tourists. Especially the pier of the ships and the Blue Lagoon itself are very crowded. Most people hang out at the food and drink stands or at the stone cliffs right by the Blue Lagoon. If you want to snorkel you can do it at the Blue Lagoon, especially in the low season. We were there in early October and had a great time in the crystal clear waters. But if the hustle and bustle at the Blue Lagoon is too much for you, you should definitely check out some other places on the island of Comino. If one follows the ways one finds still the one or other bath place with only few tourists.

Important info for the trip to the Blue Lagoon

Be over punctual! If you take your time and arrive at the ship a good 40 minutes before official meeting time, you have a chance to get a nice spot up on deck on one of the sun loungers. The crew lets passengers on the ship an hour before and some take advantage of this opportunity and it’s worth it 🙂

This excursion we have booked to Blue Lagoon, here is the crystal lagoon with it and a sea level – tour. I can only recommend to everyone !

On board everything is taken care of, here I have compiled a list for you with the most important items: