Dress trends 2022 – These are the 5 most beautiful trend dresses for the summer!

1. Dress trend 2022 – Square neckline

We have already seen the square neckline trend coming, this trend does not stop at the dress trends 2022 either. Especially often you see this dress trend in babydoll dresses or romantic vintage style. So short dresses with long sleeves and the eye-catching square neckline are especially popular this year.

2. Strap dresses belong to the dress trends 2022

Dresses with thin straps are absolutely on trend this year! The popular strap dresses are perfect for warm summer days and provide a sexy look. If it gets a little fresher, you can also try a combination with a light cardigan / cardigan try.

3. Dress trends 2022 – colors & Pattern

Colorful it may be, fashionwise we decided rather for bright summer colors, such as green, pink, orange or yellow. In general, the fashion trends and therefore the dress trends 2022 are developing towards eye-catching colors and playful designs. White dresses can also be taken out of the closet as often as possible this summer 2022. As for prints, in the clothing trends for 2022 the flower print is the clear fashion winner, otherwise it remains monochrome without patterns.

4. Trend dresses with cut outs

Also dresses with cut outs belong to the trend dresses 2022. The cut outs are often at the waist and thus flatter the figure. But also variants with cut outs at the neckline are absolutely hot. You should just make sure that you choose a model that does not show too much skin, otherwise it looks too cheap quickly. These models are absolute style trends:

5. Dress trend 2022 – Dresses with a smocked waistline

This dress trend 2022 has totally surprised me. Dresses with smocked part are super IN this year. We actually last wore these when we were kids, but the smocked part makes any dress sit super comfortably. While in the past we wore the smocked part in the chest area, in 2022 this moves down to the waist. These dress trends with smocked detail my absolute dress favorite and perfect for summer 2022:

6. Dress trend 2022 – Tiered dresses

Tiered dresses are also a trend that we will wear and see more often in the summer of 2022. Especially maxi dresses get a special look with the tiered look and turn boring maxi dresses into eye-catchers. You can find tiered dresses in different lengths and variations online, here is a small selection of my favorites.