Finding a photo location – How to use Instagram, Pinterest and co. to the most beautiful photo spots in the world fi

Find a photo location – How you can use Instagram, Pinterest and co. to find the most beautiful photo spots in the world

“There’s beauty in simplicity” – As a fashion and travel blogger, finding beautiful photo locations beforehand is also part of my travels. Especially through digitalization it is super easy to share beautiful photo spots with other people and of course it is just as easy to find the photo locations today. Whether you are a photographer looking for beautiful locations, someone who likes to discover new places or you want to become a travel blogger or you already are, I will show you my tricks to find the most beautiful locations for great photos. In this blog post I’ll not only show you how to find photo spots on vacation, but explain how to easily create photo locations that are right on your doorstep. Finally, here’s my approach and the best apps to find photo locations and places to visit.

Find the best photo locations AND sights with these apps

The best apps to find the most stunning photo locations and sights are Instagram and Pinterest. Before each trip I check the most popular sights and photo spots of the region. On Instagram, I search for hashtags related to the country in question and look at the pictures of Instagrammers who have linked to that place. If a picture particularly catches my eye, I look in the caption or for other hashtags to see if the photo spot was mentioned. Very often the geotagging function is used and the place of interest where the photo spot is located is tagged – this makes the search much easier again. On Pinterest the whole thing is even easier, there I enter in the search the country and what I am looking for, z.B: “Malta Photospots” or “Amsterdam Instagram Spots”. The result is a variety of blog posts and there you can often find real insider tips and exact directions on how to get to the sights. I myself have published some travel tips with Instagram spots on the blog.

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Reading tip

Finding photo spots on vacation

Now how does that work exactly? How to find the perfect photo spots on vacation? In fact, I always research for beautiful photo locations in the respective vacation country before every trip, sometimes the prior research even decides which region we travel to in the respective country. But mostly this happens randomly while scrolling through Instagram. Then I enter the location on Pinterest and search for other sights and photo spots and make a small list with all the locations we want to visit. Shortly before the start of the trip, I then go through all the photo locations again and plan on which days, we take which route. If the location is hard to reach and rather less known, like the Victoria Lines in Malta, I also use the following trick. At Google Maps there is the function Street View, with which you can put a little yellow man at each place and with that you get a view into the area and you can see in 3D the conditions.

Victoria Lines - 10 Instagram spots in Malta and the most wonderful highlights

Find a photo location – right on your doorstep

This point is particularly important to me, discover your own home country. Since traveling was not so easy this year, I had to find photo locations in Germany. In Bavaria I have so many photo spots and sights right at my doorstep. Apply the same tips above to your area and you’ll be surprised how many beautiful photo locations there are where you live. Or find your own favorite photo spots that you don’t know yet, just explore your own locality. This tip also helps to find great destinations, so we came across the Partnachklamm and made a trip there and as a vacation replacement simply a dream. Additionally we have discovered some potential photo locations.

Partnachklamm - This is what you need to know about the gorge in Bavaria, Garmisch Partenkirchen!

Want to know how I find the most beautiful photo locations for lookbooks and outfit of the days? Then let me know! 🙂