Jewelry trends 2022 – These are the most beautiful jewelry of the year

Jewelry trends 2022 – Jewelry with bold colors

Jewelry can be colorful and now provides us with dopamine! Who does not like to look at a colorful, cute piece of jewelry that perfectly complements the summer outfit. Colorful stones are 2022 absolute jewelry trend and in rainbow style the special racer. These are jewelry pieces you can’t get enough of:

Link chains are one of the hot jewelry trends in 2022

Link chains can be combined cool, elegant and cute and that’s exactly why they are one of the jewelry trends 2022. Link chains as necklaces or bracelets are classics that you can always wear, rings made of link chains are the trend jewelry that comes this year to it.

Metal – Mix – the trend jewelry in bicolor

Silver and gold we may combine together. How this works I have already explained to you in this jewelry guide. New among the jewelry trends 2022 are individual pieces of jewelry that combine the bicolor trend in one part. These are the most beautiful bicolor pieces:

Statement jewelry – so flashy may be the jewelry 2022

It may be conspicuous! Big statement jewelry enhances the outfit and offers the opportunity to combine simple basics cool. When it comes to the 2022 jewelry trend, statement earrings and necklaces are at the forefront, check out a few beautiful pieces of jewelry that you can wear in everyday life here:

Creoles – Y2K brings this jewelry trend back again

Unpack your creoles again, this jewelry trend may stay from me with pleasure. Creoles are simple in design and fit to any occasion. As long as the right model is chosen, because Creoles are available in all shapes and sizes, with trim or simple. In a good pair you can also invest a little more and then wear every day. These gems are perfect for everyday wear:

Sustainability – jewelry we wear beyond the trend

Sustainability plays an increasingly important role in the fashion world and also in jewelry trends we pay more attention to it. Therefore, many women prefer to invest a little more in beautiful jewelry that they can then wear for a long time. Some jewelry trends are made to last forever, as link necklaces and fine creoles keep coming back and can be combined well. In recent years, I put much more on quality and also like to invest sometimes in designer jewelry, which never go out of fashion, are versatile combinable and are made of high quality materials. Therefore I wear this jewelry more often and have only a small specially selected collection with my absolute favorites, which have an emotional value. Especially in jewelry you can invest very well, because you hardly lose value, sometimes the value even increases. These are gems for the ages: