Skirt trends 2022 – These are the skirt trends and this is how we wear them!

Skirt trends 2022 – Asymmetrical skirt

Asymmetrical skirts look well combined stylish and cool and make every look an eye-catcher. No wonder that the asymmetrical skirts have become a real rock trend 2022. Fashionistas and fashion bloggers play with one shoulder tops to the asymmetrical skirt for a fancy look or combine it with classic shirts, blouses and sweaters and let the skirt its wow – moment.

Rock Trends 2022 – Jeans skirt in midi or maxi length

Denim skirts are one of the classic skirts and we have already tried skirt trends made of jeans in the last years in colors like beige, white and dark red. But in 2022, as far as rock trends go, we’re reaching for the classic blue denim fabric. Set thereby however on an unusual length – Denim skirts in midi or maxi length with patches belong to the great skirt trends 2022.

Skirt trends 2022 – statement skirt, tulle, glitter or the like

Make a statement with your skirt! What is the best way to do that? With skirts made of several layers of tulle or glitter elements you are in trend in 2022. The best way to wear a satin skirt is to combine it with simple tops and shoes and choose muted colors.

Rock Trends 2022 – Tennis skirt and short tiered skirts

If you look at the current skirt trends for 2022, you will quickly notice that most skirt trends are midi or maxi length. In short skirts, there are two trends that stand out especially on the one hand the tennis skirt becomes a chic companion and short tiered skirts that are perfect for summer vacation.

Skirt trends 2022 – Pleated skirt

Pleated skirts or even pleated skirts are nothing new and were not really out of fashion. But in 2022 we will see more of great pleated skirts, in different colors and lengths. If you want to be on trend, then you’d best go for these pleated skirts:

Skirt trends 2022 – Satin skirt

Another skirt that belongs to the classics, but this year has its great revival is the satin skirt. You can combine satin skirts chic and elegant with heels or cool and casual with sneakers. Also for the office this skirt trend 2022 is super suitable. These are my favorite satin skirts: