Monthly review March I Because spontaneous is simply better

Monthly Review March I Because spontaneous is simply better

March was an exciting month, which is now over and so is my semester break. I was able to use the time well for many new blog posts, two great spontaneous short trips and to experiment a bit. All in all it was a very productive month- 2018 probably the most productive one.

On trip – sometimes it may be spontaneous

“Bring spontaneity into the planned everyday life” – Just jump into the deep end for a change

No matter what the trip is, my boyfriend and I, always book to the last printer. If you look at it right, this does not fit at all to my otherwise planned to the smallest detail everyday life. There is a big board in my house where I meticulously write down my tasks for the week. I also have a journal in which I write down all the tasks I have to do. These are the things I need to stay on top of things. The blog also plays a big role here.

Back to spontaneity – it’s just that in relation to travel everything is quite spontaneous. Maybe that’s also the nice thing about it, what makes traveling special for me. Just leave the planning behind. After all, tasks don’t run away from you. So we decided 3 days before to go on a city trip to London. A few tips for even more spontaneity, also when traveling, you can find there.

IMG_5580 new

Where did your most spontaneous trip go? How many days before you booked? Or are you rather the early bird type?

New sections on Whitelilystyle – Trend and Interior

A project on which I worked for days were the two new pages ” Trend” and “Interior”. You can find them by clicking through the menu. But new posts from these categories also appear on the home page. I would like to tell you a little about these categories.


The home more beautiful designed- so is the motto in the Interior. Whether living room, furniture, bedroom, kitchen or the decoration, everything that makes living even more beautiful finds its place here. But also topics like organization, order, goals and visualization are not neglected. Everything that makes the house a home.

Apartment furnishings: Ideas for decoration -design interior design living room The most beautiful basket bags for spring 2018 I Insta-Trend Straw bag basket bag bast bag handbags trend blogger fashion style germany


Trends come and go and as fast as that is the case these days, you always have to be on the go. Here you will find the latest trend, lovingly created graphics, with additional outfit ideas. You can also shop the looks directly by simply linking to the products.

Combination, Outfits, Styling Tips

Outfits, lookbooks and styling tips were also not neglected in March. In addition to everyday looks, I showed you a few casual looks for spring. Whether rocking and cool with brown leather jacket or with flowered summer dress and sweater. The looks could hardly get more contrasting.