Here’s where to find the prettiest sportswear – these activewear sets are what everyone wants right now!

Here’s the most beautiful sportswear – these activewear sets want just all!

Are you already training hard for your summer body? With these sports outfits that are currently conquering Instagram you always cut a good figure! The Activewear sets from Oceans Apart I could test the last weeks and show you today how I combine the leggings, sports bra’s and the hoodie for sports and everyday life. Plus, I’ll tell you what makes Ocean Apart’s sportswear so special, and there’s a discount code for you at the very bottom 🙂

Stay active – Something for every sport

1. Sunny Set from Oceans Apart – the perfect yoga outfit

About a year ago I discovered yoga for myself. In the morning after getting up I slip into my yoga outfit and do my exercises. For this I need clothes that fit comfortably and do not slip and last week I was able to test the Sunny Set extensively and am thrilled. I have rarely worn such a comfortable activewear set and also looks great!

Here's the most beautiful sportswear - everyone wants these activewear sets right now!

2. A sport look from Oceans Apart for at home & Motivation for sports

Just the Sunny Set I have also worn as homewear. The trend to wear activewear not only for sports, but also in our free time brings the sportswear into our everyday life. The lightweight fabric feels like a second skin. Another plus – if you put on your sportswear directly in the morning, you are much more motivated to do sports.

3. Gym, jogging, travel outfit – that’s when I reach for the beauty set

The color I prefer to wear for sports – definitely black, whether for jogging or at the gym! What I love about dark leggings is that they are also perfect for traveling. Combined with the Beauty Hoodie the black leggings are a perfect travel outfit.

Here's the most beautiful sportswear - everyone wants these activewear sets right now!

The most popular sports outfits on Instagram

By the way, besides the Sunny Set and Beauty Set also the Beverly, Honey and Coconut Set are among the favorites on Instagram. Especially the lavender Coconut set is a real eye-catcher. Color-wise, Oceans Apart has a lot to offer and there is also something for every Instagram feed.

What makes Oceans Apart Sportwear so special

Oceans Apart stands out for its super comfortable and stylish leggings and sport bra’s. All in cool design with small special features like cut outs, made of shiny material or with mesh inserts. Cleverly placed seams on the high waisted leggings and shorts also flatter the curves. But Oceans Apart has many other products to offer and regularly expands them with one or the other activewear set. For example, there are also hoodies, longsleeves, biker shorts and recently skorts. In addition to a beautiful design, the brand also offers some functional benefits. The material is breathable, stretchy and quick drying. Oceans Apart tries to convey a positive body image and connectedness across oceans. Oceans Apart also pays attention to sustainability and relies on fairly produced collections.

Oceans Apart Discount

Currently there is a great discount action with this you can save 30% on your order. Simply enter the coupon code “OCEAN30” in the shopping cart and you will receive 30% off your item, also applies to reduced items! Click here for Oceans Apart !