Costa Brava – your perfect vacation in Spain

Costa Brava – your perfect vacation in Spain

The eastern coast of Spain offers with the Costa Brava a beautiful region for many vacationers. But what makes the Costa Brava so popular as a vacation destination? The wonderful Mediterranean climate blows a light breeze on the beach of the Costa Brava and offers warm bathing temperatures from June to September. Even now you can find cheap hotels and accommodations for a vacation on the Costa Brava. Another wonderful fact is that Barcelona is part of the Costa Brava and a train runs daily for only 5 € in that direction.

The best time to travel

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For party people, the months of July and August are especially interesting, because there are many events now. In the late summer month of September, the Costa Brava becomes a little quieter. The summer months are the most beautiful for a vacation on the Costa Brava and you should definitely swim in the Mediterranean Sea. For snorkelers and divers, June and September are best, the main holiday season is over. September has one more advantage, the water temperatures are a bit higher and a dive becomes more pleasant.

Map Costa Brava, Spain

As already mentioned you can reach Barcelona from all cities of the Costa Brava. From Calella it is only ca. 50km south to Barcelona. On this map of the Costa Brava there are again the most important places, which I mention at the most beautiful beaches of the Costa Brava.

The most popular destinations on the Costa Brava

From north with La Escalas to Barcelona, the city that ends the Costa Brava section in the south. There are several cities, beaches and landscapes on the Costa Brava that will take your breath away and give you equally relaxing days. In the southern part near Calella, Barcelona and Lloret de Mar there is a lot to offer for the enterprising with parties and a busy city. If you’re looking for cute little villages where things are a bit quieter, visit Lanca and Begur.

The most beautiful beaches on the Costa Brava

Costa Brava - the 5 most beautiful beaches Costa Brava, Spain

Fine sandy beaches won’t await you on the Costa Brava, but the pebbly beach is made up for with the most beautiful coastlines in Spain. From Tossa del Mar with a fascinating old town from the 14. The fortress of the seventeenth century can be seen even from the beach. Up to the rock formations and enclosed beaches and coves near Calella. Which beaches of the Costa Brava you should not miss in any case? You can find out here:

The most beautiful beaches of Costa Brava

Accommodations Costa Brava

You can find more hotels and accommodations on the Costa Brava here:

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