I hot air balloon tinkering I money gift for the wedding

Hot air balloon tinker I money gift for the wedding

Inspired by the last post on the money gift in the shape of a heart, today there is again a gift idea. Since my brother his now wife on 02.09 got married, I have dealt a lot with the topic. Today we will craft a hot air balloon, the idea came from Pinterest. I didn’t find any concrete instructions there, although this money gift idea was seen quite often. But freehand the whole thing worked very well and here are now a few tips and help what to consider.

Hot air balloon craft money gift hot air balloon craft for wedding DIY upcycling

First all the items needed for the hot air balloon:

  • some cotton fleece, as a filler
  • a piece of fabric, preferably lace
  • a bride & Groom figure
  • a few decorative flowers
  • a small basket

Not much is needed for the basket, but you can get totally creative here. Fill the basket with the filler, a piece of cardboard over it and attach the figures on it. The lace can be wrapped once around the basket. Now you could cover the floor with flowers or put the bills on it. Depending on your taste, you can also save it for the balloon and attach it there folded. I personally liked the one in the basket better though.

Upcycling hot air balloon ikea lamp

To be able to craft the hot air balloon, you also need:

The straw at the bottom on two opposite sides ca. 2 cm deep cut.

Fold the two “flaps” and put them around the basket then glue them down with super glue. Stick the shish kebabs through from the top to the rim of the basket, tip first.

This is how the whole thing should look at first:

Afterwards you can glue the balloon onto the skewers with plenty of superglue or a hot glue gun. Then drape the cord around the balloon and glue it in place. It is best to use an elevation, such as a larger picture frame, so as not to destroy the balloon. In any case, it is advantageous to glue the balloon to the straws first and then attach the cord and the flowers. Otherwise you could destroy the decoration in the reverse case, when attaching.

When attaching the cord, you can save quite a bit of adhesive by only taping the cord in spots. For this purpose, select the respective extreme points, as this ensures the best hold. Then glue the flowers onto the cordell. Just a regular glue will do for this.

Hot air balloon as a wedding gift money gift

And this is what the finished result looks like. With this gift you are even fully in the trend. At the wedding were given a total of 4 such balloons. But the great thing was that everyone looked a little different and you can see here again how many different ways there are to design it.

Hot air balloon craft money gift hot air balloon craft for wedding DIY upcycling

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