Combine office and dressing room – ideas dressing room and office in one

Combine office and dressing room – ideas dressing room and office in one

The dressing room is a dream of many women and even men and more and more often when looking for an apartment or house, people are looking directly for an option with additional room for this purpose. But especially in times of home office is not enough space for an extra office, why not just combine office and dressing room. At first I was a bit skeptical if this can look nice, but the combination of office and dressing room is not only practical, but also really beautiful. And who does not prefer to look at his shoe and bag collection at work than on a white wall 🙂 Today there are a few tips on how to combine office and dressing room and I combined two rooms in one.

Is enough space available for an office and dressing room combination?

Of course, there must be enough space to be able to design the room according to your wishes. Measure the space and create a small sketch of where everything might fit in. It must fit the closet, office desk, office chair and possibly a mirror. I have used the app Room Planner, so you can choose Ikea furniture and place it in a sketch, you can specify all the dimensions and thus optimally check whether everything fits in. If you don’t have any furniture for your office-dressing room combination, then I can only recommend Ikea. With this, individual closet systems can be planned and you can use even the smallest space for your office dressing room combination optimally.

Combine office and dressing room – 3 questions you should ask yourself!

1. Combine office and dressing room – Open or closed closet?

With an open closet you must take into account that it should always look neat in the dressing room. So for some it might be more practical to simply choose a closed closet.

2. Wardrobe door with mirror or free-standing mirror?

What belongs in every dressing room? Of course a mirror! Here the closed wardrobe offers another advantage, if you choose mirrored wardrobe doors, you don’t need extra space for the mirror in your dressing room / office. However, you can also move a normal mirror and optimally align it depending on the lighting conditions.

3. Sliding doors or simple wardrobe doors for the office-dressing room combination?

Sliding doors usually take up less space and are therefore more suitable for small dressing room/office combinations. If you like the look better with regular closet doors, don’t forget to measure the space of the doors when open as well.

Combine office and dressing room – perfect shoe storage

You can find all tips and info about my shoe storage in this post: Ikea Billy as a shoe rack – perfect for walk-in closets & Dressing room