These clothes make you slim – 3 shorts styles for slim legs

These clothes make you slim – 3 shorts styles for slim legs

Has the lockdown made you a couch potato or even motivated to exercise? There were times when I did almost no sports at all and then there was the Chloe-Ting-Workout-Phase and these have it really in itself. But whether sporty or not, with a few simple styling tips you conjure up visually slimmer legs without sports. On the fashion blog today I show you 3 looks with shorts that visually slim down your legs. I also show you where to buy the perfect shorts for slim legs. The 3 styles with shorts go from a cool everyday look, stylish trend outfit to the office suitable style.

The everyday look with denim shorts in paperbag style

To start there is my basic – look with wide cut denim shorts. What makes these shorts especially suitable to make the legs look slimmer is the wide cut and the belt at the waist. The waist is thus emphasized and conjures for slender women additionally a little more curves at the hips. The contrast between the leg and the slightly flared shorts makes the legs look even slimmer in comparison. So when buying shorts, make sure that they are not tight on the leg but there is good air between the leg and shorts.

Slim legs with this stylish look for fashion conscious women

I’m sure some of you are already wearing this look at home, as this style is super comfortable. Fashionistas also wear this look outdoors, while shopping, running errands or having coffee with friends. To make your legs look slimmer you should combine an oversize t-shirt with the short leggings, which should definitely go over your butt. Again, the contrast between shirt and leggings makes the legs look thinner. So that the waist does not go down with this style combine with it a fanny pack.

The Blazer & Shorts combination for the office

A trend I love! This look with shorts and blazer radiates so much confidence and strength and is ideal for the office. If you need a change from blouse dresses and skirts in the summer, you should definitely give this style a try. Added bonus, since the shorts end just above the knee and the wide cut pant leg, the legs look slimmer.

You still need some outfit inspirations? Here are nice looks with styling tips: