How to style an oversize look like a pro

How to: Style an oversize look like a pro

Oversize is comfortable, cozy and stylish. In everyday life, we often combine single oversized garments with tight-fitting pieces. How this makes a good figure, I’ve already told you in these styling tips, but today there is a jumpsuit oversized look on the fashion blog.

The oversized look is perfect for transitioning from winter to spring, as you can layer a few layers and be ready for any weather. How I combined this oversize look and what you can look for when shopping and styling wide garments, you can find out now!

Oversized garments – what you should look for when shopping

For a cool oversized look, jeans are best because they give you the most room to maneuver. By rolling up the look becomes more interesting, by the solid material result in different styles, besides flared, mom jeans and culottes there are many more. In addition, we combine the jeans in the daily and know what we like and what not now we have to learn to combine the oversize jeans.

For tops, there is a much wider choice, especially now that organza, puff sleeves and shoulder pads are in vogue. Make sure that the sweater and hoodie either ends just above the hip or goes to mid-thigh. This makes the sweater look oversized and not “too big”. Color-wise I have by the way to trend color green picked. All Shakes of Green is the name of the game this spring!

  • How to: Style an oversized look like a pro
  • How to: Style an oversize look like a pro
  • How to: Style an oversize look like a pro

Styling tips for the oversize look

When shopping for an oversized look you can be careful not to hide your assets and not to emphasize your problem areas. Every woman knows herself best and already has experience of what suits her and what doesn’t. But in principle, the oversize look serves to not worry about these issues anymore. Nevertheless, the clothes should not look like a sack that you have pulled over yourself.

A shirt underneath the sweater adds a break to the look and doesn’t look too boring. The oversize sweater should be wide enough so that the shirt does not leave marks and the shirt accordingly fit tightly enough.