All candle trends at a glance – these are the candle trends and here you can buy them Bubblek

1. Candles trend – bubble candle

Bubble candles are the must-haves in the interior and are especially beautiful as a decorative eye-catcher on the bedside table or sideboard. Bubble candles provided the starting signal for candles in unusual shapes. If you have previously set on unusual candle holders are now the candles themselves the big trend. You can also order a kit to make your own bubble candle, I’ve linked a matching product for that too 🙂

2. Candles trend – Twisted stick candle

Twisted stick candles are an absolute must for anyone who wants to bring some zest into the home. The twisted stick candles are easy to make yourself by placing them in warm water beforehand and then gently twisting them. If you don’t quite feel up to it, then take a look here, these are the most beautiful stick candles I could find:

3. Candle Trend – Geometric shapes

Candles in various geometric shapes are also one of the candle trends and especially this year we will see many new candle designs and models. Since it is almost too bad to light the candles. With these candle trends you can take your interior game to the next level.

4. Candles trend double candle

These candles are absolutely ingenious, you do not need an additional candle holder for the rod candles and have again a real eye catcher for your apartment. You can also easily make this candle trend yourself in a DIY home, however, in the DIY project you can see the seam where the candles are melted together. For this you need to heat the candles again with the help of a water bath and then bring them into the desired shape.

5. Candles trend- sculpture candle

This candle trend isn’t for everyone, but sculptures depicting different body parts are becoming increasingly popular. Especially popular is the female torso. A notch trend that will be seen more often this year.