I These 5 shoes you should not miss I Must-Have

Must-Have I You should not miss these 5 shoes

Whether sandal, sneaker, boots or overknees, mules, espadrilles ,shoes are the faithful companions of every woman. There is a huge variety of different types of shoes: mules,mules, espadrilles, sneakers, boots loafers and these are just a few examples. So today I present you the classics that you should not do without. A little tip: You should first invest in your must-have classics that are used every day. After that, you can always store the trend pieces of the season 🙂

The classic

A shoe that can accompany a woman throughout the year. Black boots in leather look with blue jeans, white Tshirt and leather jacket look casual and cool in autumn. In winter you can wear them with thick cuddly socks. And in spring they are a great contrast to the floral dress with a hat. As variable as these shoes can be used, they clearly belong to the classics among the shoes. Inspired by these black boots, I found great look a likes from a noname store and they have become my absolute favorites.

Shoes black boots classic must have

2. Sneaker Street Style

white sneakers street style

Who does not know it – a day on which you just feel like relaxed clothing. An oversized sweater and casual pants to it. Now only cool sneakers are missing. An absolute it-piece were last year still the white kicks of Adidas with the distinctive 3 stripes. These were so popular that you saw them over all on the street. Who prefers an alternative, I can only empehlen these chic sneakers, which I have already worn several times.

3. A little breeze pleases

Sandals shoes brown gold summer shoes

For the summer, open shoes are the easiest solution to avoid sweating. In contrast to high heels, which stretch the leg and conjure up a narrow, elegant foot, Do sandals usually nothing for the appearance of the foot. That’s why you should pay attention to the details when choosing sandals. Small features make the shoe something special. Combined with jeans shorts and a carmen blouse you have a great summer look.

4. High heel or middle heel

As mentioned in the paragraph before, a high heel can do a lot for the figure. You don’t have to climb to shaky heights with them. It works just as well with a mid-height shoe. These shoes take the trend Roman sandals a bit and in black you can combine them with many looks.

High heels shoes black sandals Roman sandals

5. The favorite, the shoes

If I could only choose one pair of shoes that I would have to wear all my life… Then it would be clearly overknees. It is very important to use quality and it is best to stay away from patent leather look overknees. These look too cheap, better to go for suede overknees.