Looking stylish-10 tips you can use every day


Look stylish-10 tips you can use every day

I love to create contrasts in my outfits and so it comes to this combo of sweatpants with a chic sleeveless flounce blouse and high heels. I think you should wear high heels with a chic-casual combination to the jogging pants, so that the look becomes more valuable.

Combine fabrics

Leather, faux fur and cotton- I try to incorporate as many fabric variations as possible in one outfit and VoilĂ  my new favorite look is born.


Eyecatcher alarm

Do you also sometimes find your outfit too lame, like something is missing. Something that gives it a special touch? Then reach for some eye-catching accessories. Here are 2 examples with a s.Oliver.

clutch rosegold shiny pattern

Absolute MUST carding

This is one thing I noticed very early on: When the sleeves and pant legs are rolled up, the outfit looks stylish. So hands up and roll up.

look stylish white check blouse check shirt

WIDE> and ENG< img_0787

Once again contrasts come into play. This time it is about the combination of wide

garments and tight parts. My motto is:”If it is a narrow part at the bottom, it should be something wide at the top. -and of course vice versa.” Very clever is this tip if you want to conceal something or emphasize something. The wide skirt makes my narrow hips look wider and the tight top emphasizes my narrow waist. By choosing the right clothes I achieve the hourglass body shape like this.

Oversize tops and blouses

blue jeans oversized shirt white black

Oversize tops and blouses can either be completely tucked into pants, skirt or shorts or as I do in the picture. Only a small piece is stuck in the side of the pants, the rest flutters loosely next to it.


My favorite trend for the change of season is layering. Due to the onion principle, several layers of clothes are put on. Ideal for inconsistent weather. If it gets too windy and chilly you can just take off a few layers. In addition, the look looks pretty stylish – best if the parts are color-coordinated with each other.


One thing that I admittedly always neglect are the hair. A super great outfit can sometimes be destroyed by a disheveled mane. That’s why I try to stick to investing as much time in my hairstyle every day as I do for my outfit.

Stylish Sunglasses

Sunglasses sunglasses stylish

Yes the favorite accessory of every fashionista is the sunglasses. Whether in summer, autumn, spring or winter. They are not only a super protector, no they can make the whole outfit look more stylish. Here are my favorites:

tone in tone

A popular classic is the #allblackeverything look. However, the tone in tone combination also goes with other colors.

The trend color of spring is pink – a tone on tone combination is a real eye-catcher and a MUST for fashionistas. In autumn this year you can wear the whole with garments in berry tones.

My tip: You should try to pay attention to a combination of different types of fabrics here, so that the look does not look too prude.