Ikea billy as a shoe rack – perfect for walk-in closet dressing room

Ikea Billy as a shoe rack – perfect for walk-in closet & dressing room

There are a lot of great Ikea DIY projects and Ikea hacks on Pinterest. Before our move, I was always looking for inspiration and came across this great Ikea hack -Ikea Billy as a shoe rack. Since I needed a shoe rack for the dressing room anyway, I decided to follow this trend and make a shoe closet out of my Billy shelf resp. to use the ikea billy shelf as a shoe rack. The shoe rack has so many advantages and looks super stylish, how you implement this Ikea hack and why the Ikea Billy bookcase works perfectly as a shoe rack I tell you now.

Ikea Hack – How to turn Ikea Billy into a shoe rack

To make the most of your new Billy shoe rack, I’ll give you a few tips on what to look for when assembling it. First, you build the carcass according to the instructions and also attach it to the wall, so that the cabinet can not tip forward. Make sure you pay attention to the depth of your Ikea Billy shelf, depending on the shoe size this can vary. I have shoe size 38/39, which is ca. 26cm are and the Ikea cabinet has a depth of 28cm, so just fit. However, shoes in size 41 would not fit in, as they are approx. 28cm measure from toe to sole.

Then it’s already about the exciting part. Before you install the Billy shelves you should correctly estimate the height for the shoes. Downstairs you need more space for your boots, overknees and ankle boots and further up the distance between the shelves can also be smaller, especially summer shoes need less space. Put your shoes on a trial basis once in and only then put the shelves in. You may need to buy a few additional shelves, as there are only 5 shelves included in the Billy shoe rack. I bought my additional shelves on Amazon. I needed 2 more shelves for this shoe rack, but will buy another one in the future. Depending on your preference you can buy and attach doors. The shoes don’t collect dust as quickly and the look is even higher quality. Doors with glass front are especially nice, but also the variant of Ikea half with glass are my favorite.

Ikea Billy as a shoe rack - perfect for walk-in closet & dressing room

That’s why the Ikea Billy bookcase is perfect as a shoe rack

  1. Perfectly fit Pax carcasses, which are often used in dressing rooms
  2. Offer a lot of storage space for many pairs of shoes
  3. shelves are customizable
  4. The cheap shoe rack for 38,02€
  5. Offers the possibility for an open cabinet or with doors

Did you know that the Billy bookshelf is Ikea’s best selling product?

You want to make your dream come true with an Ikea Billy shoe rack? Then you can now buy the Billy bookshelf directly online at Ikea and have your product delivered directly to your home. Note however that shipping costs can vary greatly, but are usually around 38€ for a freight forwarding delivery. It’s worth it if you directly order several parts from Ikea. Otherwise, there is a similar shelf at Amazon here for 46 €.