Blazer Trends 2022 – These fashion must-haves are IN right now

Blazer trends 2022 – These fashion must-haves are just IN

Blazers are a faithful fashion companion and they no longer serve only in the office, but have become a real fashion statement. So it's clear that the beautiful blazers will be dug out again for fall after summer is over. In 2020, some trends are reasserting themselves in blazers and after I already told you what the shoe trends for 2020 are, today I'm going to show you the blazer trends 2022.

Plaid blazer

Blazers with check patterns are a great change and this fall they are also one of the blazer trends 2020. With the plaid blazer you can combine any easy basic outfit into a stylish look. Black jeans and a rock band shirt with it for everyday wear or with a white blouse for a chic look. Check also my outfit with plaid blazer from- Outfit plaid blazer.

Plaid blazer -how do we combine the blazer trend 2019 & My casual outfit!

Here’s the outfit with plaid blazer

Long blazer

XXL – blazers that go over the butt are especially popular this year. Especially the combination of long blazer with shorts, which I show you below, is a real trendsetter 2020. These are the most beautiful long blazer models I could find online:

Blazer Trends 2020 - These fashion must-haves are IN right now

Blazer with belt waisted

If the long blazer trend is too masculine, you can try the next blazer trend 2020 and wear a belt with it. So the look with blazer becomes more feminine, the waist looks narrower and is emphasized by this styling. Blazers with matching belts are already in abundance online, but you can of course use a belt you already have in your closet.

Leather blazer

If we look at the current fall trends 2020 we see at the fashion shows many pieces made of leather and more often faux leather. As far as materials go, this trend is also very popular this year. Leather blazers can not be missing. You can also re-shopped this blazer trend here:

Blazer in white

White blazers have been a popular item of clothing in the choice of clothes for a while now. For this I have also already shown an outfit inspiration with white blazer on the blog. The white blazers are a little harder to keep clean and maintain. For those who still want to try this blazer trend, there are also some inexpensive models available.

How do we combine the casual chic look ! White blazer, jeans and sneakers

Here is the look with white blazer

The most popular blazer combos:

Among the most popular blazer combos 2020 are these styles: a set of oversized blazer and shorts. Super chic and suitable for late summer even in the office. We prefer to combine the blazer trends 2020 with basics, so the statement blazers are best accentuated. To make the look more feminine a belt can be tied around the waist. A style that I particularly like is, with wide pants and loose oversize blazer, casual and chic at the same time.