Tidy up apartment – tidying tips for cleaners and slobs

Tidy up your apartment – tidying tips for cleaners and messy people

Tidying up made easy- It is still too long until spring cleaning and you should urgently clean up your apartment? I was taught very early that order and cleanliness are very important. Not only to please others, but also to have a clear mindset. Because in a tidy apartment I feel much more comfortable and productive. Most people my age see this quite differently and rather as a burden. What they do not know – with a few tidying tips, the apartment tidy becomes a snap!

  1. Tidying up tip no.1

When going from one room to another always take one thing that belongs in the other room –

What’s the easiest way to tidy up your wardrobe? Very simple! By not even noticing that you clean up. A simple trick to apply this tip is to take something with you every time you leave a room that actually belongs in another room. For example, you take the chip tray you used yesterday while watching Netflix in the living room to the kitchen the next day while you’re making breakfast. So everything gets subconsciously to its place and if you want to clean up times so right you do not have to clean up first all things, but can simply wipe briefly.

  • Tidying up tip no. 2:

Utensils you need to clean up always keep in their place

The most important thing in a task or a goal is always the first step. The same goes for tidying up. So why not make the first step as simple as possible. Always keep your tidying utensils in the place where you need them, and if necessary, get more than one version. This could then look like this: In the kitchen, an extra broom, because here more often what goes wrong and you can make the Ruckzuck clean.

  • Tidying tip no.3:

Tidy up your apartment – with this helper tidying up is easy

Who is totally annoyed by vacuuming carpets and mopping the floor, which should consider a suction or mopping robot to put on. We bought this model in February and since then the little helper is constantly cleaning and tidying up in the living room. The rapid development in technology makes it possible that these robots can also be purchased inexpensively. So a tidying tip for those who do not want to spend their time cleaning, but still want a tidy apartment.

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