The perfect office chair for the home office – comfortable and beautiful!

The perfect office chair for the home office – comfortable and beautiful!

How to find the perfect office chair for the home office? Ergonomic, lumbar support, tilt meachanism and many other terms flood one in the search for the perfect office chair. Countless hours at the workplace, in front of the Pc or laptop, that can stress the back. Therefore, the perfect office chair should be suitable for the back, but it may also be beautiful. Today I’m going to show you the most beautiful office chairs I could find online and which one suits your work time best. There are also a few tips on how the workplace should be set up for ergonomic sitting.

Daily 1-4 hours on the office chair

If you only spend a few hours sitting, your office chair doesn’t have to be ergonomic if you get up more often in between. This gives you the opportunity to choose an office chair model freely according to your taste and style. Here are some very nice office chairs:

Daily 4-8 hours in the home office on the office chair

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If you do your daily work sitting and spend more than 4 hours at your desk, then you should make sure that your office chair is ergonomic. Ergonomic means, moving sitting, thereby the office chair should support your body on the one hand and on the other hand offer movement possibilities and be adjustable. So it should preferably have a tilt mechanism, have wheels, and the armrest and seat height must be adjustable. If you need even more support, a neck support for your office chair is a good idea. These models are beautiful and ergonomic.

Ergonomic sitting, so you should set up your place in the office and home office

Finally, here are a few tips on how to sit ergonomically. Because the office chair alone is not enough, it must be perfectly adjusted and fitted. What many forget, every desk is different in height and every person has a different body size.