Styling tips for every day – 10 tips for the perfect outfit

Styling tips for every day – 10 tips for the perfect outfit

What do I wear today? How to find my own style? How do I style my garments correctly? If these questions are on your mind, then you’ve come to the right place, because with these styling tips on the fashion blog, you’ll find the answer! “You are what you wear” it is said so beautifully and actually many women feel more comfortable when you wear an outfit in which they feel pudelwohl. Even in everyday life and at work, a well-groomed stylish appearance can sometimes have advantages. So today we’re going to give you 10 styling tips for every day, so it should be easier for you to find something to wear in the morning and you’ll have a better sense of how to style clothes you already have in your closet in the most advantageous way and combine different looks with the same pieces.

1. Styling tip: roll up

Simple and yet very effective – try to always roll up your clothes! This looks more elegant and as if you have put a lot of thought into your look. Apply this styling tip to jeans, shirts and blazers and you’ll see the difference immediately.

2. Styling tip: Knotting shirts and tucking them into pants

Tuck it in! This styling tip applies to all tops and means you should always tuck tops into your pants or skirt. In this post I showed you 5 ways to knot a t-shirt cool and tuck it into your pants.

3. Styling tip: Basics for the closet

Freshen up your basic wardrobe. We are constantly tempted by the constant trend changes to buy fancy trendy pieces and often forget the basics. A solid base of basic pieces helps a lot to get ready faster in the morning and with styling.

4. Styling tip: emphasize your waist

You wear the same shirt over and over again, then try wearing a belt over it and instead of tucking it into your pants wear it loose. A belt that accentuates the waist flatters the figure and can change the look at the same time.

5. Styling tip: Styling your hair

This styling tip is also often forgotten! Make sure to style your hair, this can also refresh a boring look or accentuate the look you are going for. Beach waves for a casual look a cool sleep ponytail for a business look. With the Hairstyle can be played flexibly.

6. Styling tip: Statement jewelry and bags

If you’re wearing a white shirt and jeans for the 100th time, spice it up by adding statement jewelry or an XXL bag to it. Great accessories draw the focus and with different accessories you can change the same look, the simplest styling tip. How much jewelry is allowed I tell you in this fashion post.

7. Styling tip: refresh your closet without shopping for new pieces

Some clothes are multifunctional, which means you can use them for different purposes. For example, you can wear a white shirt buttoned up for a business look and wear it unbuttoned as a throw/cardigan in summer. There are for many parts in the closet this possibility and online there are countless styling tips for the most diverse parts z.b. a man’s shirt as a dress etc.

8. Styling tip: Sunglasses

Even something simple like sunglasses makes your look more stylish. So next time wear your sunglasses for a cool style. Find the perfect sunglasses for your face shape in this sunglasses guide, and here are the sunglasses trends for this year.

9. Styling tip: The right shoes

For the perfect styling the right shoes are just as important as the clothes. When combining shoes, make sure that their color is repeated in an element of your outfit and that the shoes match the selected bottom part. My styling tips very roughly, the shoes should make the leg look visually longer and be comfortable for everyday wear.

10. Styling tip: Combine colors correctly

Even the coolest fashion pieces can destroy a look if the colors are not properly combined. Make sure to combine colors properly and combine at most 3 different colors in one outfit. In this styling tips post I explained to you in detail which colors are especially good to combine.