Sneaker cleaning – With these tips you get your white sneakers clean again

Clean sneakers – With these tips you get your white sneakers clean again

The fashion trends of the shoe world I have already described to you in this fashion post, among other things, white sneakers in various forms are a big shoe trend. But today it’s about keeping the white shoes clean too. Who does not know it – you want to wear your brand new white sneakers and quite unexpectedly it rains and you have to walk through mud or empties exactly on this day something accidentally on the shoes. These are perhaps a bit extreme scenarios, but even for sneakers soiled by everyday life, I have today a few tips on how to get your white sneakers clean again.

How to get your white sneakers clean again

For normally dirty white sneakers, there’s a little trick to make them look like new. First you clean your sneakers with a damp towel and some soap. You should not use chemicals directly on the shoes, especially genuine leather can suffer from it. Then rinse with a water and dry with a clean cloth. Now comes the trick! Take a little toothpaste on a corner of the dry cloth and rub it on the shoes – you will see it works wonders and makes your shoes not only clean, but make them look like new.

You can also clean the sole on the side and so you can get there better you grab an old toothbrush, some toothpaste and brush the shoes with it. This really works wonders and I have been asked very often how I get my shoes so nice white and clean. You can imagine the looks I got when I said I clean them with a toothbrush and toothpaste 😀

What to do for very stubborn stains?

For very stubborn stains can sometimes help a shoe polish, which you apply to the appropriate place. Tests it but in advance necessarily, whether you also has the right shade. You do not want a bright white dot on a shoe that is actually off white. For ballpoint pen stains there is a great tip, with an eraser I got a stain out once, just take one of these transparent erasers and over it.

How often should you clean your white sneakers?

That should decide each individually, I honestly do not do it so often, maybe once in 4 months. But for high-end models like my white Seakers from Ted Baker, I pay more attention to clean the white sneakers than for other sneakers. The only important thing is not to clean them too often with strong chemicals, because this way the material and thus the shoe can also quickly break down.