Popeye Village – a day in Malta s most wonderful attraction

Popeye Village– a day in Malta’s most wonderful attraction

Ahoy sailor! Welcome to Popeye Village, the fishing village in Malta that is located in a beautiful little bay in the north of the island. Popeye Village was constructed in 1979 for the filming of the movie “Popeye” with Robin Williams and took months to build. The wood for the warped wooden houses was specially imported from Canada and built with 8 tons of nails all in care. Today, Popeye Village is a popular destination for many vacationers and the fun attraction on Malta has a lot to offer as well. Everything you need to know to make your trip to Popeye Village unforgettable is available now.

What to expect at Popeye Village

When you arrive at Popeye Village, Popeye and his friends welcome you to the fishing village. Shows and interactive games are also offered several times a day at Popeye Village. These are especially popular with children and young-at-heart Popeye fans. Your ticket includes admission to the Village, a portion of popcorn from the in-house movie theater, a short boat ride along the coast to a cave and a postcard as a souvenir. I don’t want to anticipate too much but there are: Olive’s house, Popeye’s hut, many souvenir stores, restaurants, comic museum, etc. You can get a glimpse of the actual movie sets from 1980 and some houses are furnished as they were at the time of filming, while others have been turned into small cinemas and exhibition houses. There is also a pool, but it is in need of renovation and there is a small mini golf course for children. If you want to swim, you can also swim here in the small bay. The highlight is the water course, which is great for a bit of action.

Opening hours and prices, how to get there

Popeye Village - a day in Malta

Price: 10 €

Opening hours

November- March 9:30-16:30

April- June, September & October 9:30-17:30

July & August 9:30-19:00

Approach to the small Popeye fishing village

There are buses every 30 minutes from Skrajda station on Mellieha beach to Popeye Village. In addition, minibuses come by to take you from this station to Popeye Village, 2km away, for 2€ per person. But I wouldn’t recommend it, because the minibuses leave exactly 5 minutes before the arrival of the public bus and you can save the 2 €.

Quick Tip: One way to get from one attraction to another is by public transport. The best way to do this is to get the Tallinja Card, with which you can use any bus for 7 days for 21€. But note that the buses do not arrive on time and are often overcrowded. It may be more worthwhile to rent a scooter.

Popeye Village - a day in Malta

Plan your Malta vacation

If you are on vacation in Malta, you can use public transport to visit Popeye Village from March to October. But since Malta also includes the islands of Gozo and Comino, you will have to plan your trip to Popeye Village a bit more carefully. From Gozo to the Cirkewwa Ferry Terminal in Malta takes 30 minutes. In addition, there is the approach to the colorful fishing village Popeye Village, so start in time. The best time to visit Popeye Village and Malta as a whole is from June to early October. Then you can expect temperatures of around 25°C and even during our vacation in October the water was still warm enough for swimming. If you want your hotel to be close to Popeye Village, check out hotels in Mellieha, Buggiba and Pembroke (my favorite).