Malta sights attractions – you can’t miss it!

Malta sights & attractions – you can’t miss this!

I actually thought about not bringing my camera at all. Are there any sights in Malta that are worth seeing? I thought we spend a week on this small, sweet group of islands without many wow – moments. But I was way off the mark! In Malta, there is a small or big attraction on every corner. Malta offers great attraction, incredibly beautiful views, one cute street after another and some beautiful Instagram spots. Today I’ll show you what activities await you on Malta, which are my favorite sights on Malta and how you can best get there.

Malta Sights – Which attraction you can’t miss!

Film sets and medieval town in Malta

1. Popeye Village

Malta’s most colorful attraction is the fishing village Popeye Village with its quirky houses and funny characters. This sight is suitable for everyone from small to big. This is the place where the movie Popeye with Robin Williams was shot. You can get into almost all the houses and get a glimpse of the movie scenes there. There is also a water course for the big ones and a small boat tour. To find out how much the fun at Popeye Village in Malta costs and what other exciting attractions await you, check out the post on Popeye Villageach.

2. Mdina

If you want to go back in time, you can’t miss the medieval town of Mdina. The city of Mdina used to be the capital of Malta and is now a must-see sight for many tourists in Malta. You can explore the city by yourself or book a tour.

3. Victoria Lines

A rather unknown sight on Malta are the Victoria Lines. Here you can super hike and enjoy the great view at the very top of the other side of the stairs. They are not so easy to find. The best way to get to this viewpoint is to first drive to Santi Station and walk the remaining 400m.

4. Comino – Blue Lagoon

Are you planning a trip to Malta? Then you definitely need to plan a day for snorkeling or diving! Malta is a dream for outdoor activities, whether hiking, climbing, snorkeling or diving. There are several deals that will take you to the island of Comino where the Blue Lagoon is. Which offer we used, what the snorkel excursion cost and why the Crystal Lagoon should be included in your package you can read here.

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Malta’s sights with wow effect

5. St. Johns Co Cathedral

The cathedral is gilded from the inside and a ticket costs around 10€. If you want to check out this sight, be prepared for a long line and wait times of 20-30 minutes.

6. Wied il-Għasri

This gorge is one of Malta’s lesser known sights and is located on the island of Gozo. There are a few vendors who offer a ride there in a jeep. Nevertheless, most tourists are rather unfamiliar with this place and so I accidentally became aware of it through influencers. A picture is worth a thousand words, so:

7. Upper barakka gardens

There shines the heart! I am a huge fan of beautiful places. This place is so beautifully designed- especially worth seeing! Just make a quick stop while exploring Valetta and enjoy the view.

8. Sliema

Sliema is the modern counterpart of Valetta. The city in Malta offers many shopping opportunities, restaurants and cafes in modern style. If you want to go out in the evening this is the perfect place – party on the boat right here! You have a breathtaking view of Fort Manoel and the old town of Valetta.

The most beautiful beaches in Malta

9. Mellieha Bay

One of the most popular beaches in Malta is Mellieha Bay, located only 2km from the Popeye Village attraction. Here are also some restaurants and cafes z.B Starbucks nearby for a cozy evening with a view of the beach. Even if the Mellieha beach is the most popular, there is a beach that is probably the most beautiful beach in Malta.

10. St. Peter’s Pool

If you don’t mind lying on stone instead of fine sand and want a more action-packed activity, then the next attraction is for you. The St. Peter’s pool is a swimming pool created by nature where you can have a great swim as long as you dare to jump in.

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