Fashion must haves for spring – basic pieces for your closet and what to look for when buying ac

Fashion Must Haves for the spring – Basic parts for your closet and what you should look for when buying

Fashionistas know about the stylish effect of good fashion basics in combination with great trendy pieces. How to make any outfit look stylish and cool with a t-shirt and jeans. Which parts are IN right now I tell you regularly on the fashion blog, but which fashion must haves do we need for spring? We are now talking about the basics of basics, that is, pieces on which every outfit is built and with which you can create many different looks. Today I tell you which fashion must-haves for me belong in the spring, what you should look for when buying and styling tips.

Where to find the best fashion must haves for spring ?

Fashion Must Haves should be of high quality and appealing, you want to have as long as possible something of it and like to reach for it when you stand in the morning in front of the closet. For this I prefer to look on the pages of online stores with a wide variety of brands, like at Omoda. There I always find a great selection of great fashion must haves and have also found one or the other time my new favorite part.

Dresses, preferably with floral prints

What makes you want spring more than floral prints! My absolute pattern must-have for the spring. For lukewarm spring days dresses are the perfect fashion companion. If you want to change the look a bit, you can also put a sweater over the dress, especially in the transitional period this look is chic and practical. How you can best combine a sweater over a dress, I told you in this What else I love about dresses, you can wear them properly combined in any season and for almost any occasion. A fashion must-have, in which you can invest a little more and of which you should have at least one variant in your closet.

  • Fashion Must Haves for Spring - Basic pieces for your closet and what to look for when buying1
  • Fashion Must Haves for Spring - Basic pieces for your closet and what to look for when buying1
  • Fashion Must Haves for Spring - Basic pieces for your closet and what to look for when buying1

A well-fitting jeans is a must-have for every closet

With a nice, well-fitting denim jeans you can create many looks. It is also one of the fashion must haves for spring and in every closet. In any case, it is important that it fits well. With a pair of jeans you can try any fashion style, whether romantically playful combined with a beautiful ruffled blouse or sporty with sneakers and hoodie. You should have in your closet at least one pair of jeans with a light wash and straight or wide leg and one pair of skinny jeans in black or dark blue. With them you can already create countless great spring looks.

Fashion Must Have – The white t-shirt

Finding a good white shirt is not easy, but it is one of the fashion must haves for spring. Because you can combine it with a nice ruffled skirt or chic with leather pants and a blazer. For variety, you can provide, by knotting your T-shirt differently. But how do you find the perfect white t-shirt now?? Pay attention to the following points, it should cover at least half of your upper arm, that looks mega casual and with loose fit, some arm fat is not directly noticeable. It should sit loose, but not too wide and be long enough so you can still tuck it into your pants well. Often the t-shirt material is a little thinner and transparent, there I still have a little secret tip, look at the menswear, there you can often find great white t-shirts that have a thicker fabric.

Statement blouse and the fashion must have simple button up

A statement blouse is also one of the fashion must-haves in the spring, it can be combined with all jeans, pants and skirts. Statement blouses with ruffles or lace are great for spring. Do you want something less, then a button up blouse can not be missing. You can wear them closed, roll up the sleeves, use them as a light cover-up or unbutton them halfway and knot them in the front. An all-rounder and must-have for spring.

Which part belongs for you to the fashion must have in spring and what do you pay attention to when buying basics?