Combining a beige jacket – what color goes with a beige shirt jacket?

Combine a beige jacket – Which color goes with a beige shirt jacket??

Trench coats and coats in beige are classics and belong to the basics in the closet – new to it now come shirt jackets. The most popular models are plaid, imitation leather or cotton and today’s model in beige is also one of this year’s fashion trends! The jackets in shirt look are great for the transitional period and the perfect styling partner for’s office and everyday life.

Beige shirt jacket chic for the office combine

For a chic look with a shirt jacket you can wear the beige jacket buttoned up and with a belt. The look looks elegant and still emphasizes the waist. Especially with an oversized shirt jacket this style makes sense. In addition, one then combines a pair of jeans, or pants that match the color (more on this below). Make sure that the beige jacket goes just above the hips, otherwise the torso looks long and the legs compressed. For the perfect office look you need a matching bag for the office. To the beige jackets you can combine super a black, gray or dew-colored bag. The most beautiful bags for the office can be found here: Which bag for the office?The most beautiful business bags for the office!

  • Combining a beige jacket - Which color goes with a beige shirt jacket?
  • Combine beige jacket - What color goes with the beige shirt jacket?
  • Combining a beige jacket - Which color goes with a beige shirt jacket?

Unbuttoned jacket for a casual look

If the look can be combined a little more casually, then wear the beige shirt unbuttoned and oversized. The shirt jacket combines the practical use of a jacket and the cool style of the shirt. This is exactly why this transitional jacket has become so popular. It turns every minimalist style into a real eye-catcher.

Combine beige jacket – these colors go with it

Some colors go well with the beige shirt jacket! The classics are beige, gray, blue and of course black and white. For a cool everyday look or an office look you should always combine a beige jacket with these colors. Interesting combination partners for beige are also the colors pink and yellow, as well as a bold combination with orange. Beige belongs to the basic colors that serve as a basis and are versatile combinable. Therefore, what you like and what you feel comfortable in is allowed here.